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The Global Talent Optimization Platform

A complete set of products that equip your organization with the tools necessary to locate,
nurture, and ultimately manage your human capital.

Core HR Management
Talent Engagement
Talent Acquisition
Talent Management

Talent Acquisition

Job Publishing

Post company-wide job listings to a central public database that will enable employees to review requirements and apply for positions they’re interested in. Key to strengthening and retaining your workforce is to keep employees in the loop about advancement opportunities. The job board makes this possible.

Applicant Screening & Selection

Create a slate for the tracking of received applications and establish specific parameters for the scheduling of interviews, the assignment of interviews to specific hiring managers, and the routing of interview feedback. With this feature in place, the final applicant selection process is narrowed down in an orderly and logical manner, making the hiring decision a simple matter of review.

Candidate Interview Scheduling

This feature acts as an effective calendar to schedule Interviews with candidates and keep track of the appointments.

Candidate On-boarding

After successful selection of candidates, on-boarding starts. The feature allows you to set the standards of on-boarding a candidate and follow the implementation of these standards in an effective timely manner.

Talent Engagement

Secured Networking

Communicate and connect with networks of partners through private social media platforms. Enable a free flow of communication between individuals and groups of individuals without any concern that provided information will be inadvertently shared or made public.


Ecosystem facilitates real time conversation, either private or public, with users and their network of contacts. Group activity streams and subscriptions also serve to keep individuals updated on information relevant to their specific departments and work sites, enabling the rapid dissemination of company news.

Discussion Groups

Enable the users, departments, and organizations to create groups for discussion and collaboration purposes. Groups can be designated as public or private. allowing exchange of secure data through the uploading and transfer of digital media and/or documents.


People are always hungry for more information whether they create, read, or communicate it. With our powerful blogging feature, you will be able to write your own blogs, read what others have shared, and initiate professional discussions.

Documents & Media Sharing

Uploading of documents and media files is easily facilitated through Ecosystem(via dedicated collaboration groups or from one user to another). File types include photos and videos. Users can create specific galleries for public or private view. Users seeking specific information can also perform searches for relevant uploaded media.

Ideation & Strategic Alignment

“Ideation” feature makes it possible for everyone from entry level employees to senior level executives to submit ideas and project requests through a traceable interface. Once submitted, ideas are automatically prioritized based on economic feasibility, financial benefit, risks, and timelines for completion. Managers can then discover ideas by how closely they align to required organizational goals and objectives.

Talent Management

Goals Management

The best practices based feature is a comprehensive workflow which includes; setting up goals for the organization and enabling employees to align their objectives against the company goals. With everyone working together toward the same goals, your company can cover more ground, faster and, when necessary, change direction nimbly.

Performance Management

You can transform your business by bringing workforce performance to the next level. The employee evaluation process features include a detailed workflow enabling management of the employee’s self appraisal, manager feedback, and the one-on-one managerial review of the employee’s appraisal.

360/Multi-rater Feedback

Conduct surveys, appraisals, and assessments to solicit information on an employee’s work-related behavior and performance. The 360 multi rater feedback is an evaluation process to gain valuable insight into the overall performance in the organization and discover the development needs of your workforce.

Career & Development Planning

Developing your workforce to reach and maintain top performance levels starts with effective planning. This feature is a powerful tool to map your organizational competencies and identify the right training programs to boost overall effectiveness in your organization.


The uniquely designed feature enables you to objectively evaluate your team against required competencies to create a visual stack ranking of your employees. Team members can be compared to identify high and low performing employees as well as the employees that are ready for their next career move; thus allowing efficient organizational development.

Succession Planning

The succession planning feature enables you to identify, develop and retain the right talent at every level of your organization, allowing you to plan and track all staffing moves across the organization. Managers can drill down through their organization and select multiple successors for their direct reports.

Mentoring & Coaching

Knowledge seekers or mentees often find it hard to locate the right mentors. We connect the two together – bridging young talent with the more experienced gurus. You will be able to search for mentors or become one by sending or receiving mentoring requests according to the expertise needed.

Core HR Management

Organization Management

Say Goodbye to paperwork and manage your organization virtually. This feature will allow you to keep track of every physical and logical asset in the organization and manage your workforce, which is your most valuable asset. The organization management features include a detailed view of your organization structure, tracking your employee turnover, seniority spread, and your workforce diversity.

Universal Profiles

Boost professional visibility for users by enabling them to create personal profiles that reflect career accomplishments, education, skills, and workforce experience. The universal social media profile feature contains security filters that enable users to limit accessible personal and to set specific parameters.

Job Descriptions Master

Attract the best talent through creating and featuring the right job descriptions. This feature enables you to create professional and detailed job descriptions for effective internal or external recruitment.

Absence Management

Employee absence is a significant cost to businesses and managing it effectively is essential. The Absence Management feature provides the tools necessary to control and manage annual leaves, sick leaves, or unauthorized absence.

Compliance Management

Keep track of your workforce commitments through the Compliance Management feature. This tool enables organizations to ensure that all necessary training programs have been completed by their staff.

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